Monday January 14, 2019
SWINDON No.1 Jason Doyle is set to undergo foot surgery next month.

The Aussie ace suffered a broken foot during his successful 2017 World Championship bid, and battled through the pain on his way to glory.

His preparations for his Abbey Stadium return this term have been positive and the 33-year-old is confident the recovery time from his final treatment will be minimal.

Doyle told “I still have to sort the foot out in February.

“They’re taking the plate out, which is a quick and simple fix.

“They said recovery will take 10 days - just for the stitching to heal up and make sure there’s no infection.

“It’s the first time in maybe five seasons that I’ve finished the season with no major injuries.

“Normally I am trying to chase my tail and get back to full fitness in the off-season, so it has been nice to sit back and get everything organised for next year.

“I’m feeling quite happy going into next season; everything has kind of fallen into place now.”

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