Wednesday July 24, 2019
SWINDON’S popular Polish racer Tobiasz Musielak says the team are fully aware of how close the play-off race has become.

Musielak and the CFS Filtration Robins are back on home shale for an important clash with Belle Vue on Thursday – and he admits they have to keep on winning.

“I actually didn’t realise how good our results had been to be honest,” Musielak said.

“You look at the table now, and I usually look before I go to sleep when teams have raced and it is so tight right now.

“But whenever we race here at home, I always feel we can race for three points.

“We maybe have to do a bit better away, but I think we’re looking pretty good.

“We’ve had some good wins, but we know we need more to stay in the top four and I think we can do it.”

Swindon will use the rider replacement facility as cover for broken collarbone victim Adam Ellis. The rule means his four programmed rides can be taken by the rider above him in the averages and anyone below.

Alun Rossiter is back in charge of the side after his trip to Russia with the GB team at the weekend.

Belle Vue include former Swindon rider Steve Worrall and in Max Fricke they have a rider who has reached two Grand Prix semi-finals this season.

SWINDON: Jason Doyle, Adam Ellis R/R, Tobiasz Musielak, Rasmus Jensen, Troy Batchelor, Ellis Perks, Claus Vissing.

BELLE VUE: Max Fricke, Jaimon Lidsey, Dan Bewley, Steve Worrall, Kenneth Bjerre, Dimitri Berge, Tero Aarnio.

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