Monday November 18, 2019
SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter has vowed to push ahead in a bid to build a side to defend the Premiership title.

The CFS Filtration Robins will be forced into changes from this year’s all-conquering line-up, after the starting points limit for the 2020 season was held at 42.50 at the BSPA AGM.

Swindon finished the campaign on 46.34 – unsurprisingly, the highest of any team in the league.

Robins had been hoping to retain all seven of their 2019 heroes, and ironically this could be possible in future – but only in a year’s time, as it will be proposed next winter that any team could keep their existing line-up for the start of the following season.

Rossiter said: “We had a discussion about it and now it’s been taken on board, and it will be put forward for next year.

“But now we know what we have to do. It’s a shame because we had such a good team and now we have to split them up, but as ever I will dig deep and look to find something in there.

“I’ll be getting hold of the riders now, I genuinely hadn’t spoken to them before the AGM, but I’m confident there will still be a good crop of them back from this year, and that’s very much what we’re aiming to do.”

The Premiership will have a slightly different look next season, with Swindon’s long-established rivals Poole switching to race in the Championship and being replaced by Sheffield.

That also means a change to the Robins’ Supporters’ Cup Group, where they will continue to face Ipswich and King’s Lynn, with Peterborough now joining the Southern section.

Rossiter said: “Obviously losing Poole is a massive loss for us. They drew our biggest crowds, they were our local derby and it’s a big shame that it’s happened.

“But I would say that Sheffield coming in is a plus. I’ve always said it’s really been a Premiership club, and they are rightly where they should be now in my opinion with the stadium, the track and everything there.

“From our perspective we’re just going to have to work hard on sponsorship and make sure that I get the right team together.

“It’s vital that the fans keep coming in and supporting us next season. We had some great crowds this year, we will build another good team and I’m sure we will have plenty more top racing on the track we have now.”

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