Saturday December 07, 2019
SWINDON Speedway are delighted to confirm the continuation of our team sponsorship from CFS Filtration.

We enjoy a wonderful relationship with Derek and Val Baker at CFS who are more than sponsors, they are also our friends.

The arrangements as huge benefits for both parties, both CFS and Swindon Speedway and we will continue to be known as the Swindon CFS Filtration Robins.

Derek Baker of CFS said: “We are proud to be team title sponsor for a third year.

“Our relationship with the club has done more to promote CFS than we could imagine. Working with Lee Kilby and the team has been an absolute joy.

“We gel and work well together, developing ideas to help the club.

“We feel there are two types of sponsor – those who put cash in and expect a return for no input, or those that put cash in and work with the club to gain the most they can.

“We fall into the second class. Speedway and bikes are in our blood.

“This will be our third year with Swindon, and we are still accelerating – we haven’t yet hit top speed.

“Val (Baker) and I still have many ideas to help the club move forward. We want to see the club retain its Premiership title in 2020, but that can only be done by maintaining a happy group of riders, volunteers and staff.

“The team looks great, and we’re really looking forward to the season.”

Lee Kilby, CFS Filtration Robins co-promoter, said: “Myself and Rosco (Alun Rossiter) were happy with last season’s colours, and that was our call.

“It was different, and I thought we looked terrific on track. The same colour scheme will be adopted, an orange base with a red, white and black trim.

“You can’t function without sponsorship, that’s not just in speedway.

“CFS completely loves speedway.”

REMINDER: There is a pop-up shop with a wide range of Swindon Speedway merchandise at the Southbrook Inn today (Saturday) and next Saturday (December 14) between 10am-2pm.

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