Monday December 23, 2019
SWINDON co-promoter Lee Kilby has reflected on a sensational 2019 for the club.

As we go into the festive period, it is an appropriate time to look back on the momentous events of the season, which started with extensive work on the Abbey Stadium circuit, resulting in the best racing seen at Blunsdon in many years.

And then as the summer continued, the CFS Filtration Robins hit top form and delivered the club’s most successful season in history, securing both the Premiership title and Supporters’ Cup in front of huge crowds at the Abbey.

Kilby said: “What an unbelievable year! To win one trophy is wonderful, but to win two was just unreal, especially in our 70th year of operation.

“As we gathered momentum in the final weeks of the season there was just a feeling around the camp and town that it was ours for the taking.

“The victory brings great memories flooding back of previous championships with the likes of Ian Williams, Barry Briggs, Martin Ashby, Dad (Bob Kilby), Hans Andersen, Peter Kildemand, and the class of 2017.

“Our new track got better and better, and our track curators and track team deserve so much credit for achieving what they did in such a short time frame. It was good from the first meeting, but with much work and care has turned into a spectacular racetrack.

“Halfway through the year I'm not sure there were too many people that thought it would end like it did, but I am always a glass half-full kind of person, and I never give up hope of success or victory until it is mathematically impossible to win. I don't see the point in being any other way!

“On the way home from Ipswich in the Grand Final, Rosco (Alun Rossiter) and I were chatting and we both rightly looked forward to the second leg with an element of caution, taking nothing for granted.

“We remembered that it was only a matter of months earlier that Jason Doyle grabbed us a win on the final lap against Ipswich at the Abbey. But what a comprehensive win in the second leg. The boys were ruthless.

“Rosco and our riders were immense and conducted themselves and performed exactly how we would like Swindon Robins riders to, and that is the reason we wanted them all back - not just because of performance, but also attitude and application.

“And that sentiment on attitude and application goes to the riders that didn't finish the season in the team. All of them gave 100 per cent and tried their hardest for the club.

“As 2019 ends, I want to thank our fans and sponsors for helping us make this year one that none of us will ever forget. It wouldn't be possible or the same without them all involved.

"On behalf of Terry Russell, Steve Park, Rosco and everyone at Swindon Speedway, I would like to wish our supporters, sponsors and friends around the world a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

“I hope to see everyone back in 2020. It can’t come quickly enough!”

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