Thursday March 25, 2021
SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter could be popping up at meetings around the country in support of former Robins racer Nick Morris.

Morris, a title winner with the Abbey club in 2017, is lined up to race for both Wolverhampton at Premiership level and Leicester in the Championship.

And with Rossiter facing a second season on the sidelines with Swindon not racing this year, he’s happy to help alongside his driving duties as well as the reopening of the Southbrook Inn for outdoor food and drink next month!

He said: “I’ve got plenty to do with the driving and we are planning to open the pub on April 12.

“I’m still jealous though. When I look around the rest of the league I can see excitement building and good luck to everyone.

“I’ve spoken to Nick (Morris) and I’ll probably pop along to Wolverhampton and Leicester occasionally and see if I can offer him any help and advice, if that’s OK with the respective management teams at his clubs.

“I still think Nick has a lot to offer the sport and he could be in for a very good season, if I can help him in any way then I will.”

Rossiter has also moved to assure fans nothing has changed with the ‘roadmap’ for the Abbey to be redeveloped this summer and for the CFS Filtration Robins to be back at the tapes next year.

“Nothing or nobody is telling me any different about 2022, the plan is to be back in the Premiership at the Abbey Stadium.

“I’m confident the work will start in the summer and we’ll be back at the Abbey ready to race.

“I’m not negative about the situation at all. I won’t be drawn into negativity because it does my head in. I know this has been going on a long time, that’s obvious, but I’m rising above the cynical comments we constantly get on social media because of the timescale it’s been taking.”

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