Thursday June 17, 2021
LEE Kilby has revealed how several Robins riders are casting an eye towards next season already.

The Swindon co-promoter says some members of the 2019 title winning side have kept in touch as the club await development on the Abbey Stadium project.

He’s confirmed the general wish is for riders to return when the time is right and that Swindon won’t have a problem putting a team together in 2022 should everything fall into place.

Said Kilby: “We’ve heard from several riders who are keeping in touch with the club which is great.

“We’ve got a great bond between the boys and we won’t have a problem putting a team back together for next year.

“They are missing Swindon. The fans are also missing it badly and we are thinking about them a lot, we have a fantastic fan base and it’s such a shame they are missing another season.

“But I think most people can see why we made our decision back in January. It’s wonderful to see clubs racing, but already in the last week we have seen examples of how Covid restrictions are crippling finances at some clubs. We didn’t want that at Swindon.

“Nothing has changed from our point of view with our focus and that is to look ahead to next year. The stadium redevelopment is out of our hands and I understand why many people will believe it when they see it, but we are maintaining a positive focus going forward.

“After all the brilliant work done on the track in 2019 our riders want to be back on it doing some laps.

“As a management team we are in regular dialogue. Terry Russell, Alun Rossiter, Steve Park and myself catch up most weeks and we are simply waiting and watching at this stage.”

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