Wednesday September 28, 2022
It is with great sadness that the Directors of Swindon Speedway and Stadia UK are announcing permanent closure of Speedway Racing at the Abbey Stadium.

We together made extensive investigations with a view of keeping Speedway racing at the Abbey Stadium. These discussions have involved the current management and promotion of the club and has extended to a number of possible investors.

The club has concluded that with the prevailing financial climate, the uncertainty over the long-term future of Greyhound racing and the inability to operate additional events, Speedway racing cannot achieve anything like a break-even financial position, short or long term. Sadly, this means that Swindon Speedway will not be able to compete in the coming 2023 season.

However, these recent discussions have revealed a keenness from a number of potential investors to create a new motor sport stadium within the environs of greater Swindon.

It is the intention that the site would be a new build, in an environment which would allow regular use of a stadium specifically for Motorsports. Speedway would form an integral part of this plan.

Consequently, a new company Swindon Motorsports Limited has been formed with the intention of identifying a suitable site and achieving planning permission. It is hoped that this option will bring about the swift return of speedway to Swindon.

Club Chairman Terry Russell said: “I am disappointed that my 17-year involvement with the club has ended. However, I am very excited about the new venture and bringing a new facility built especially for motorsports.”

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